Pianist, Ronald Hawkins




Carnegie Hall debut Concert, New York City:

In his hands, the Glenn Gould Piano Sonata emerged as a rich tapestry of conflicting passions. To hear someone perform so beautifully in Carnegie Hall was one of the transcendent moments of my life. His astounding ability to shape and captivate the smallest nuances leaves one in a transcendental state of mind. - Richard Arvedon

The London Daily, London, England:

Hawkins’ shows exceptional control of dynamics and tremendous emotional interpretations.

Fidelito, Budapest, Hungary:

He brought a spirit to the Liszt Ferenc Concert Hall, which one does not often hear.

Musical Arts Society:

Ronald Hawkins is a thoroughly engaging pianist who made an instant connection with the audience both musically and personally. From the time tested music of Franz Liszt to the new and fascinating works of Frank Vasi, the audience was enthralled.

The Greenville News, Greenville, South Carolina:

A unique and dynamic young pianist. He is very expressive…a true communicator.

The UK Independent, London, England:

Hawkins gave a thoughtful and insightful performance. His keyboard manner is undemonstrative and leaves one free to enjoy his music without distraction.

The Asheville Times, Asheville, North Carolina:

A sensitive romantic pianist with a warm personality.

The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina:

Ronald Hawkins is a remarkable poetic pianist.

The Rachmaninoff Institute, Tambov, Russia:

Understands the soul of Rachmaninoff . . . very good sound and technique and is able to play the most difficult Rachmaninoff pieces gracefully.

National Public Radio – “What’s New,” WNPR Radio

I was quite taken with Mr. Hawkins’ playing. [He has] a great deal of polish . . . [and] feeling for the music; a great deal of understanding and feeling for the idiom.

The New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, Connecticut:

Mr. Hawkins plays with great sensitivity to the music as well as great technical ability. He is very personable and relates well to his audience. It is a pleasure to present him.

Kensington Park Library, Kensington, Maryland:

He is engaging and although playing pieces of musical complexity, his performance brings to mind a great depth of poetry, understanding and excitement. Mr. Hawkins isn%26apos;t afraid to try new things and the audience benefits.

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