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Press Release: Ronald Hawkins, Pianist


American Pianist, Ronald Hawkins is quickly establishing himself as one of the country%26apos;s leading pianists and has earned international acclaim for his sensitive and insightful performances.

On December 31, 2006 Hawkins’ will begin his one year Concert Tour with concerts throughout the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and Russia. The tour features Johann Sebastian Bach’s masterpiece, The Goldberg Variations.

There are 3 different concert presentations which Ronald will be presenting on the year long tour. Hawkins’ says, “Many patrons make up a series or venue and a presenter knows their patrons best; therefore, I created 3 different concerts: 1st Solo Concert, 2nd The Goldberg Experience – This presentation includes narration of the story of the Goldberg Variations, visual (still photos and video) depicting each variation and the aural sensations of this masterpiece and 3rd Lecture Recital – “Johann Sebastian Bach’s Unity between Man %26amp; His Creator: The Symbolism in The Goldberg Variations”...then I let the presenters choose which presentation he/she felt would best serve the community-at-large.”

The majority of the concerts are in the United States beginning New Year’s Eve through September and then he will begin his Europe concerts from September through December. “I am traveling every week…this is a huge schedule, which I am most excited about. We have worked very diligently on the schedule, so I will be home at least two days each week. Hopefully, I will make all my flight connections and there are no travel issues” said Ronald.

Ronald will grace the cover of Kudos Entertainment magazine with an in-depth interview in there January 30, 2007 issue. Please visit Ronald’s website www.ronaldhawkins.com for his 2007 Concert Tour Schedule.

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