Pianist, Ronald Hawkins

2007 Concert Tour


Goldberg Experience

Are you looking for an engaging program for an audience of all ages?

The Goldberg Experience is a live multimedia presentation of Johann Sebastian Bach%26apos;s, The Goldberg Variations. You will experience the Goldberg Variations like never before.

This presentation includes a narration of the story of the Goldberg Variations as told by Johann Nichlos Forkel, with video images depicting each variation and the aural sensations of this masterpiece.

The Goldberg Experience was created after reading that 92%25 of children under the age of 18 in the United States, have never attended a classical concert. I was shocked and wanted to create something that would stimulate a greater curiosity for classical music with younger people.

Classical music has many stereotypes which I want to shatter....music is about connecting people to many emotions. Music has no social class nor economic boundaries...it is for ALL to enjoy!

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